Our (Bier) Huis is a very, very, very fine Huis

Welcome to our Huis

Welcome to our Huis

Having dropped Mrs BF off to get her barnett coiuffered I took the opportunity to pay a virgin visit to Bier Huis, purveyor of quality bottled ales to the good folk of Ossett and for many miles around I am sure.

Being from the city of Liverpool and living in Leeds I must confess that the need for a trip to Ossett have been limited. They say that when a man is tired of Ossett he has obviously been there for more than 30 minutes. Not entirely fair but not a seething metropolis; a small quite pleasant little town, the kind of place Reggie Perrin may have settled down in all those years ago following his departure from Sunshine Desserts. That said the carparking cost me a conker and a couple of broken biscuits (still recognised currency in parts of Yorkshire) and I did find a fine cappuccino to enjoy in the sun to kill a few minutes.

I didn’t stop to read the tourist information guide for the area but I would hope that they would include a recommendation to visit the aforementioned Bier Huis. Row upon row of shiny bottles all shouting ‘pick me, pick me’ greeted me as I entered and, with the assistance of mein host David, I did just that.

Ever keen to support our local brewers I stuck to Yorkshire brewers and came away with a fair selection and representation of what is on offer in God’s Own County.

Better red than dead

Better red than dead

Tonight, being Monday and the sun shining, I managed to forego diving into my beer box until I had jetwashed the decking and strimmed the front hillside – BF towers are situated on a hill; wonderful views but a bugger to manage – so when all the work was done and dinner cooked I sat down with a bottle of Red from Nook Brewhouse and delightful it was to, malty and fruity just how I like them. It may have been the couple of hours gardening to sharpened my thirst but ‘by ‘eckers’ as they don’t say around here ‘ t’it were reet grand’. A warm but refreshing ruby ale that, I am ashamed to admit, only lasted three gulps. I know, philistine but boy did it hit the spot.

Sticking on a red theme I moved onto a Red Diesel from the Barnsley based Geeves Brewery, a real tasty ruby ale, this lasted a bit longer and was the accompaniment to learning the chords for Neil Young’s Harvest Moon (is there no end to this man’s talent) as I watched the sun go down and yes; this is as perfect as it sounds. Bit of trivia the junior part of the Geeves brewing dynasty was the lad who got slapped in the Tango advert. How is that for the ultimate obscure ale related pub quiz question

Better than petrol

Better than petrol

And that takes me to where I am now. Getting on for 10.30 and time for a spot of T.V. (Mrs BF looking after her dad following the sad loss of her mum a few weeks ago RIP Mary) so making the most of enforced me time. Watch this space.

Btw was at a christening on Sunday in Mytholmroyd and the bar stocked Little Valley Brewery bottles. Picked up one of each and may well be a blog of its own but well worth checking them out. Cheers


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