Beer Poll – the results

Thanks for your votes in the recent ‘where do you buy your beer from’ poll.


Click image to view in big size.

As can be seen the supermarket does best but from the comments posted (my thanks again) this would seem to be out of necessity and lack of alternatives rather than any real preference and the general call is that specialist beer shops are, if available, a bit of treat.

On the supermarket front I would say that, from my trawl of the various big players, that Morrisons seems to be making the most effort with a decent range of the more commonly found beers. Nothing to obscure or rare gems but then I suppose they are not going to be looking to build up brand loyalty with a brew or brewer that only has limited runs.

They have produced a leaflet on chosing a beer that I will give a good going through this Easter weekend but having just spent the day in Manchester on a course,  I do have a day-job you know, I really just want to sit down with a Centurion’s Ghost (flavour of the month) and catch-up TV of the Syndicate; simple pleasures for simple Northern folk. Cheers.


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Drinking quality beers on your behalf. My thoughts and no-one else's; to report without fear or compromise and never to do things by half - always a pint.
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2 Responses to Beer Poll – the results

  1. Nice article Mike! Shame not more people responded, but guess results would’nt have changed much percentage wise.

    I used to really like Morrisons selection. Especially when they had their own label stuff by Titanic. Now, however, it’s a bit samey for me. It rarely changes. I guess I’m just spoiled having a Booths within 10 miles (my regular treat – absolutely phenomenal range) and the chance to pop in beer retailers on my travels (Yorkshire Ales in Snaith this weekend, for example).

  2. mikemassen says:

    Hi there, thanks for comment. I have just been to Beeritz in Headingley for a bit of a stock up for tonight – ‘tasting session’ at a pals – and then to Morrisons to get some lunch and to be fair to Morrisons their selection was not a lot less than Beeritz. O.K. there wasn’t the breadth nor some of the more expensive premiums but a fair range from the bigger boys. True, as you say, that there is little in the way of seasonal variation but at approx £1 cheaper per bottle (discount of £6 for 4 bottles) than Beeritz there would need to be a real need tor something special to persuade your average drinker to leave the supermarket and also you can’t get a large salad and grenola yoghurt for £3.70 in Beeritz either.

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